Product and Services

At C.N.I.Engineering Supply, we design and manufacture metal products. In a wide variety of industries We are committed to developing metal products to supply to industrial customers and companies both at home and abroad. From modern machines to get products with quality and standards that are accepted all over the world. We believe that in the future, keeping the environment balanced and doing business must be done together. The whole company And the communities in which we operate, the company has installed energy management solutions with solar cells. To reduce the amount of electricity used from natural energy sources And reduce carbon dioxide emissions From electricity generation

  Fabrication Group Parts

591059 piece in year 2023

  Agricultural Machinery Group

3003111 piece in year 2023

  Automotive Part Group

4882090 piece in year 2023

  ชิ้นส่วน Air Compressor

19718976 piece in year 2023

  Electrical Components

  Electrodes And Grinding Wheels

  Design And Manufacture Tooling & Jig Fixture

  Oil Painting Service By Spraying And Baking Process