Code of Conduct

1. Human Rights Policy.
  • 1.1 Respect and obey the law The Declaration of Human Rights (the Universal Declaration nears Of In Human rights ) of the United Nations. This includes various international human rights. Equally Honor each other Without discrimination This is due to differences in race, place of origin, religion, belief, sex, skin color, language, race, social status. Or any other status to all stakeholders Both direct and indirect. 
  • 1.2 surveillance not neglect when exposed to acts of human rights violations related to the Company. Which must be reported to the supervisor or notify to the specified channel. 
  • 1.3 handled appropriately When a human rights force majeure event arises, the responsibility will be considered asap. To the appropriate mitigation process and effective justice and equality. 
  • 1.4 Create and foster a culture of acceptance of different opinions. And everyone was given the opportunity to participate.  
2. Practice Policy And shareholder responsibility.
  • 2.1 is the duty of the management and all employees will be required. Perform duties with honesty, transparency, fairness, as well as decide to do any action in good faith. For the best interests of shareholders as a whole.  
  • 2.2 Report to the shareholders of the Company. Future trends, both positive and negative, with reasons adequately supported always and completely truthfully.
  • 2.3 Ensuring that directors, executives and employees do not seek benefits for themselves and related parties by using any information of the organization which has not been disclosed to the public. 
3. Treatment of Customers Policy.
  • 3.1 Commitment in development. And deliver quality products that meet or exceed customer expectations.  
  • 3.2 Provides information on products that have been adequately and timely to customers to provide customers with sufficient information to make decisions. Customers benefit in terms of both quality and price that is fair. 
  • 3.3 Maintaining the confidentiality of clients , including not to bring information to benefit themselves or other related parties wrongfully  
  • 3.4 Meet customer needs. With speed and punctuality to create maximum customer satisfaction  
  • 3.5 Strictly follow the contract or the commercial terms agreed with the customer. If unable to meet any conditions Will notify the partners immediately.  
4. Treatment of creditors policy.
  • 4.1 Treat creditors equally and fairly. It is on the basis of obtaining fair compensation for both parties. 
  • 4.2 Comply with the contract terms or conditions. To creditors strictly in the event that this cannot be performed, the creditors must be informed in advance. To jointly consider and find solutions and prevent it from being damaged  
  • 4.3 Not asking, receiving or paying any benefits Dishonest trade in business negotiations with creditors 
  • 4.4 Report correct debt obligations Complete and on time to creditors upon request. 
5. Policy on Treatment of Business Partners.
  • 5.1 The Company will treat partners equally and fairly. It is on the basis of obtaining fair compensation for both parties.  
  • 5.2 Ignore the claim Receiving or paying any benefits Dishonest in business negotiations Or in dealing with trade partners.  
  • 5.3 Fulfill promises or trade terms that are strictly agreed upon with trading partners If unable to meet any conditions Will notify the partners immediately.  
  • 5.4 Establishing the procurement policy for clarity and fairness, which has been approved by the Company's Executive Committee. And reviewing the policy to suit the situation 
6. Policy on Treatment of Employees.
  • 6.1 Recruit and select employees fairly. Non-discrimination unit with a generation of making the procedure and criteria for the selection clearly. In order to acquire employees with all the qualifications required by the company and perform their duties with qualified support and ability. Not promoting or participating in any form of slavery Modern slavery or using involuntary labor and use caution in recruiting migrant workers Both direct and indirect. Not using child labor Who are under 15 years of age, either directly or indirectly and Young labor Who are under the age of 18 working overtime or working during the night.
  • 6.2 All employees are treated with equal respect and dignity. On the basis of human rights No form of discrimination will be treated as of any other race, gender, age, religion or belief, caste, social background, disability, race or nationality. Trade union membership or membership in any legally registered organization. Political participation or opinions, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression Family responsibilities, marital status, disease, pregnancy, or other conditions that may cause discrimination The workplace will be free from harassment. And promote a social environment with respect to individual rights and that employees are not subject to any physical, psychological, sanctioning, intimidation or unfair covenant. And will not proceed to seize document personal of employees is any collateral. 
  • 6.3 Provide appropriate compensation based on knowledge, ability, responsibility And fair performance Wage levels are based on skill levels and qualifications and refer to normal working hours. For overtime work will be compensated with the overtime rate set by the law. 
  • 6.4 Promote development to increase their knowledge and skills. And employee skills to progress and confidence to continue in the profession properly, thoroughly and regularly. 
  • 6.5 Maintain a safe work environment for life And property of employees. Employees have the right to refuse work that is at risk of an accident. And report an unsafe situation Without affecting employment. 
  • 6.6 Appointment and Transfer. Including giving rewards and the punishment of employees will be done in good faith. And based on the knowledge, capabilities and suitability of employees.  
  • 6.7 Follow the law And various regulations About labor law And the welfare of employee strictly. 
  • 6.8 Listen to opinions And suggestions Which is based on the professional knowledge of employees from all levels of employees equally and equitably, including complaints about the work. Which will be seriously considered and revise it for the best benefit of all parties. And build a good relationship to work together.  
  • 6.9 Provide clean and safe amenities including dining areas. Food storage room Locker room and rest area Employees will have access to clean water. And toilets at conveniently. 
  • 6.10 Provide protection for employees who provide information Or informing clues about illegal acts And any unethical actions It also provides protection for employees who refuse corruption / corruption even if doing so will cause the company to lose business opportunities. Without reducing job positions Change the nature of work / workplace, order, suspend work, threaten, interfere with work Termination of employment or any other act That adversely affect employees. 
  • 6.11 Will not encourage employees to smoke, drink alcohol. Using drugs of any kind and do any action That are considered to be a sex offense. 
7. Policy on Treatment of Competitors.
  • 7.1 Conduct business with fairness within the framework of Competition Law. 
  • 7.2 Do not seek trade competitor's confidential information through dishonest, illegal or improper means.  
  • 7.3 Not destroying the reputation of trade competitors With malicious accusations Without truth.  
  • 7.4 Not doing anything Which is a violation of the intellectual property of the trade competitors. 
  • 7.5 Do not enter into agreements that prohibit competition. Or any commercial practice Together with customers Distributors, suppliers or other business partners. 
8. Policy of Conflict of Interest.
  • 8.1 Directors, management and employees should avoid any action. Which is contrary to the interests of the company Whether caused by dealing with the Company's trade partners Or from taking opportunities Or information obtained from being a director, executive or employee in the pursuit of personal benefits Or in regard to doing business competing with the Company Or working other than the company's work or trading in the company's securities.  
  • 8.2 Employees must insist on doing what is right, fair, legal, not performing wrongful duties. Or refrain from performing duties to give myself or others have gained an un-deserved benefit or with the intent to damage another person.  
  • 8.3 Employees should refrain from holding shares in competing businesses of the Company. If the shareholding causes the employee to act or refrain from performing his or her duty or affecting the work on duty.  
  • 8.4 Employees must disclose to the company in the event that employees or a family person is a shareholder in any business Which may cause benefits or causing a business conflict with the company Whether employees or a family member who has acquired the shares before being an employee or before the company Will enter into that business or acquired through inheritance.  
  • 8.5 Directors and executives have a duty to disclose information about their interests. And those involved So that the company Able to consider the Company's transactions That may have a conflict of interest and can make decisions for the benefit of the company as a whole.  
9. Policy of keeping personal information.
  • The company will keep personal information of employees, former employees, customers, business partners and other relevant persons. And apply it to achieve its objectives as needed and only allowed It will not disclose information to third parties. Unless consent is obtained, unless the disclosure is required by law. And personal information will be stored where consent has been given. Or as required by law.  

10. Policy on treatment towards society as a whole and environment.
  • 10.1 To focus on promoting and participating in various activities Helpful And creative For community and social development. 
  • 10.2 Create an organizational culture for resource conservation and environmental protection. By continuously improving the work process in order to have a minimal impact on the environment Including to take any action To reduce energy consumption, water, raw materials, and packaging materials Will manage solid waste, wastewater and various wastes Systematically Including to prevent leakage to air, water or soil Quick response and effectively against events affecting the environment and community if caused by the Company's operations. By giving full cooperation with government officials and related agencies 
11. Policy on giving or accepting gifts or other benefits Entertainment Charity donation and funding.
  • 11.1 Giving or receiving gifts, souvenirs or any other benefits 
  • 11.1.1 They should not offer, request, accept or consent to accept or offer to give gifts, souvenirs, meals. Or various entertainment Or any other benefit With people involved in business with the company in the hope of or to influence business decisions. Unless it is a reception Or to give gifts according to tradition or to maintain good relations between people Or is it a connection between the organization And should be received or given in a public place Employees must not act or behave That may result in suspicion of bribery and corruption behavior 
  • 11.1.2 Gifts received or given should not be of great value. And should not be cash Or cash equivalent If it is accepting a gift worth more than 1,000 baht, the said gift must be registered with the company. 
  • 11.1.3 Employees dealing with third parties, such as business partners, business partners, customers, suppliers are required to communicate the Company's Code of Conduct in the conduct of business. Let relevant persons acknowledge. 
  • 11.2 Entertainment  
    This can be done in the case of traditional entertainment to maintain a good relationship with customers or partners through entertainment. (It should be lunch and should be avoided dinner with alcohol and dancing) without the intention of inducing anyone to act. Or ignore acts of law or good ethics. 
  •  11.3 Charity donation 
    Possible when it is donating to a public charity or has a clear objective to benefit society Without a hidden purpose by conducting charitable donation activities, transparency must be taken into account. And avoid being considered an indirect bribe to earn or maintain a business contract Government permission A decision that creates an improper tax or customs advantage or a business advantage.  
  • 11.4 Funding  
    It must be for the clear purpose of supporting the Company's business operation, brand promotion or reputation. Which is beneficial for building trade credibility Transparent And not a channel for corruption and corruption. 
12. Anti-Corruption and Corruption Policy.
  • The Company has a policy for the Company's directors, executives, employees and employees to Not doing anything that is related to corruption and all forms of corruption For direct benefit Or indirectly to oneself, family, friends and acquaintances, whether they are the recipient, giver or offering of bribes. Either that is money or not in money. For government agencies Or a private organization that the company has operated Or contact with Will follow "Guidelines for Anti-Corruption and Corruption (Anti-corruption practices) ” strictly. 
13. Anti -Money Laundering Policy.
  • Will do business with customers, partners and suppliers Business only and will make sure that There will be no violations of money laundering laws. And financing terrorism.  
14. Political Rights Policy And political assistance.
  • 14.1 The Company has a policy to encourage directors, executives and employees to exercise their political rights as good citizens. According democracy King Head of State  
  • 14.2 The Company has a policy not to support political activities. Of any political party by being neutral, nonpartisan or any political group 
15. Policy on Monitoring the Compliance and Punishment.
  • 15.1 Defined as the responsibility of the directors, management and all employees to study and understand. And follow Business ethics Strictly  
  • 15.2 In the event that the employee has questions about the guideline, he or she must seek advice from the supervisor in the hierarchy. Or executives in each department  
  • 15.3 Directors, executives and all employees Has a duty to follow and encourage others to follow Business ethics  
  • 15.4 Directors, executives and employees who violate Or not follow Business ethics Or allow subordinates to violate or not follow Business ethics Will be considered for disciplinary action This may include termination of employment. Compensation for damages and civil or criminal penalties  
  • 15.5 The company will review the business ethics every year at least. In order to be suitable for the circumstances and the business environment that may change 

Reporting complaints, suggestions, seeking advice and whistleblowing of misconduct

The company provides opportunities for employees and stakeholders of all groups. There are channels for complaints, suggestions, advice and whistleblowing of illegal acts. Non-Compliance with Business Ethics Corruption and Corruption Through the receiving channels as specified in this Code of Business Conduct In this regard, the complainant must specify details of the matter to be informed of the whistle Or complaints with name, address and telephone number to be contacted Sent to the receiving channels as follows. 

1. To "Audit Committee"
  • 1.1 via email at [email protected]  
  • 1.2 Through the mail channel to C.N.I.Engineering Supply Company Limited, No. 8/9 Village No. 15, Klong Nakhon Nueng Khet Subdistrict Mueang Chachoengsao District Chachoengsao 24000 
2. To "Chairman of the Audit Committee"

in case of a complaint to a member of the "Audit Committee" 

  • 2.1 Through the mailbox to Khun Nophadon Rachanirom (as the major shareholder) No. 8/9 Moo 15, Klong Nakhon Nueng Khet Subdistrict Mueang Chachoengsao District Chachoengsao 24000 
  • 2.2 via email at [email protected] 
3. Complaint box within C.N.I.Engineering Supply Company Limited

which will be opened by the Audit Committee. At the same time at least 2 people at the end of every month. 

For whistleblowers Or the complainant, the company has set to protect employees And the whistleblower

By not disclosing the name of the whistleblower And will keep all relevant information confidential.

The Executive Committee has developed this Code of Conduct. So that directors, executives and employees can abide by it as a practice guideline Strictly

This Code of Conduct is regarded as a part of Regulations of the Company's work regulations, violations will be considered disciplinary action up to the point of dismissal.

This will be effective from 16 September 2019 onwards

( Mr. Noppadon Rachanirom)
 Managing Director

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